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Rangate's Project in Bhutan - Chapter 1 | Develop

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Balancing Performance and Tradition

There are two key factors in designing any window:

Its level of performance. Performance is a general term which covers criteria including thermal insulation, airtightness, and craftsmanship. Rangate's first priority was making sure the proposed design would be a significant performance upgrade that would serve the Bhutanese people now and for the long term. After all, the windows manufactured for this project would be the beginning of a higher building performance standard for a whole country.

The operational style of the window. While performance was the reason to create new designs, a Bhutanese style was equally important. Bhutan is a traditional society which places great value on continuity with its cultural heritage. Incorporating the Bhutanese tradition and visual style with proven technology would equip them with a usable upgrade for the long term.

Finally, the window designs needed to be streamlined for a production using manual machines in a traditional shop. The Rangate team took the challenge to Cristian Zuani of Zuani s.r.l., where both companies teamed up to engineer window and door designs that would carry traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship into a 21st century level of performance.

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